Species: Hemibagrus microphthalmus

Thai Name: Pla Kot Salween

Grows to weight/length: 60kg+/1.5m+

Stocked at Hookers: to 29kg

The salween catfish is a rare species and not to be confused with the more commonly known salween rita catfish. The salween comes from the river of the same name in Thailand and is also found in India and Myanmar. Similar at first sight to the asian redtail, the salween is distinguishable from other bagrid species by several features, most notably the length from its dorsal to adipose fin and a more rounded snout.

It is a fiercesome and powerful predator and can be caught using traditional methods, although we would recommend a larger hookbait such as whole chicken breast or large smelly fish baits fished on the bottom of the deepest areas of the lake. They put up a long, strong fight, tearing off on long runs and have real power. Care needs to be taken when handling as they are less “cooperative” than other catfish species and possess a sharp pointed ray on each of their pectoral fins.

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SALWEEN CATFISH caught at hookers fishing lake pattaya

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