chaopraya cat fish at hookers fishing lake pattaya

Who are we?

Hookers opened in September 2018 and took approximately 15 months to complete.  The lake is completely man-made being located on what were overgrown fields, giving us the opportunity to dig and sculpt a unique fishery.  The lake curves around natural land contours with depths and shelves ranging from 5’ (1.5m) to over 20’ (6m), allowing us to stock both large specimen fish that thrive in deeper water and a wider range of species that enjoy feeding in different water columns.

The lake has a natural supply of 7-8 underground springs which helps maintain water quality and levels in addition a state of the art diffuser and aeration system helps ensure an optimum environment for our fish to grow and thrive.  We are regularly complemented on the power and fight our fish have for their size.

What do we do?

We give anglers and fishermen, young and old, a chance to catch species that they may have only seen on TV.  We don’t do small: all of our 35+ species are exceptional specimens for their type and you won’t find bigger in Pattaya or surrounding areas. You have a bucket list? We’ll help you tick some of those boxes!

Our philosophy

Pattaya is already home to a number of fisheries that cater to the pleasure angler.  Hookers offers something different: the chance to catch the widest range of exceptional specimen fish using a variety of tactics and baits.  We’re keen not to become a single bait fishery and encourage our guests to combine their own know how with our guides’ local knowledge.  We are not a “runs” or “bagging” water.  Our philosophy is simple: It’s fishing, not catching.

All of this, coupled with the unbeatable value for money that Pattaya offers compared to other Thai destinations puts Hookers at the top of the list for your next fishing adventure.

Our team

We are extremely lucky to have a fantastic team of experienced English speaking staff to take care of our customers.


Jum (aka Captain)

Jum is our Head Guide and has many years of fishing experience having run fishing tours and sea fishing charter trips all over Thailand after working for several years in the hospitality industry. His enthusiasm for fish and fishing is second to none and is one of the meanest knot-tiers we’ve seen!



Bell is our resident livewire and guide.  You’ll almost always see him dealing with the business end of our predators and other big fish and is fast earning the reputation of the “arapaima whisperer”.  Always smiling and always doing his all to help customers get that dream fish.



Hut has recently joined us to support Jum and Bell by being on hand with the oxygen, cages, you name it, aswell as being in charge of maintaining and cleaning our tackle.  He’s learning quickly and it won’t be long until he’s also working as a full-time guide.



Yon has worked with us for over 4 years at one of our other businesses and is a real asset for us now at Hookers. She speaks good English and is one of the nicest people you could meet…her bacon and egg rolls are pretty tasty too!



Tor has recently become the fifth member of our team and comes to us having previously worked as an electrician in Bangkok who loves fishing in his spare time. He’s a great addition to the team and will support Jum, Bell and Hut with customers aswell as taking care of the increasing number of electrical and handyman jobs required around the fishery.

How it all started


hookers fishing lake then
hookers fishing lake then


hookers fishing lake now
hookers fishing lake now

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