Species: Labeo rohita

Thai Name: Pla Yeesok Tet

Grows to weight/length: 35kg+/1.5m+

Stocked at Hookers: to 6kg, caught at 6.6kg

The rohu is a member of the carp family and typically populates rivers across South Asia and is an important aquacultured species. It is a herbivorous species, eating plankton and plants through the use of its large rubbery lips. It is very similar to the mrigal carp and the two after often confused; visually the rohu will tend to have a slightly deeper body and arched head.

Pound for pound the fish are great fighters, especially on one of our light rods and can be caught in the same way as our other carp species by feeding tight areas of lam along with a small pop-up or corn/maize hookbait under a float fished slightly overdepth or light ledger.

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ROHU CARP caught at hookers fishing lake pattaya

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