Species: Cirrhinus cirrhosus

Thai Name: Pla nuantjan

Grows to weight/length: 20kg+/1m+

Stocked at Hookers: to 3kg, caught at 1kg

The Mrigal carp is common across Asia and an important food fish. It has a smooth head with a small-scaled body and looks very similar to grass carp. They are herbivorous feeders and given their demand as a delicacy, it is rare to find specimens over 4-5kg.

As with our other carp species, the Mrigal can be caught on a variety of small hookbaits such as corn, bread paste and poly balls with either a float or ledger set up. It is important though to keep the lam going in regularly to keep them interested as there will also be competition from the other carp and be prepared – these deceptive fish punch well above their weight and be on your guard for the occasional jump, keeping the rod down and line tight at all times.

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MRIGAL CARP caught at hookers fishing lake pattaya

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