Species: Probarbus jullieni

Thai Name: Pla Yeesok Thai

Grows to weight/length: 60kg+/1.5m+

Stocked at Hookers: to 14.5kg, caught at 12kg

The Jullien’s Golden Carp is one of our prettiest cyprinid species at Hookers and one that is often sought after by our customers. It is easily recognisable by a series of black stripes on its flanks and overall golden colouration. Its mouth, and consequent feeding habits, are similar to the European barbel where it will disturb the bottom sediment looking for prawns, snails and weed/algae. As a shoal fish, they can often be spotted grubbing around by observing tight groups of bubbles on the surface.

They are not an easy fish to catch and require skill and patience. They respond well to tightly fed balls of lam and corn, fed regularly and in decent quantities. For hookbaits, corn, small fruit flavoured pop-ups and poly balls work best on a light ledger set up or a float fished tight on the bottom. They fight extremely well for their size and will often perform a jump or two on their way to the net (or into it!).

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JULLIEN’S GOLDEN CARP caught at hookers fishing lake pattaya

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