Species: Osphronemus goramy

Thai Name: Pla radt

Grows to weight/length: 70cm+/9kg+

Stocked at Hookers: to 5kg, caught at 3.6kg

The giant gourami is a common sight across Asia both in the aquarium trade and as a food source. A pretty looking fish with a long filamentous ray that extends back along its body from the pelvic fin, it is primarily a herbivorous feeder but will also take “meaty” baits. We’re lucky too that the giant gourami is one of a number of species in our lake to have successfully bred.

As a species, the giant gourami is not on the “hit list” of our customers but they are a great fighting fish and even more fun to fish for as they like nothing more than taking surface fished bread and pellet. They can be targeted by sight as they are often seen on the top taking gulps of air or biting off fresh hyacinth, so a stealth approach on light tackle is recommended.

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GIANT GOURAMI caught at hookers fishing lake pattaya

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