Species: Cyprinus carpio

Thai Name: Pla nai

Grows to weight/length: 40kg/1.5m+

Stocked at Hookers: 6kg, caught at 7.2kg

The common carp is found throughout Thailand, although sadly mostly intended for food in small local Thai ponds. This is in large part the reason why not many large specimens are found as they are often caught before reaching more than 4-5kg. We’ve been lucky to have been gifted a few common carp from local friends who see the fish as not particularly valuable. We have lost a few common carp to predators, more so than any other carp species and while we can speculate as to why, there is no substantive proof of the reasons why this might be the case. It’ll be interesting to see in the years ahead whether the fish will grow to an appreciable size or not and whether they will spawn successfully in the lake.

Fishing for them is the same as UK methods and for our other carp species – they will take a range of baits, although if we had to put our necks out, we’d go for a smaller and lighter is better approach for these apparently fickle feeders.

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COMMON CARP caught at hookers fishing lake pattaya

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