Species: Chitala ornata

Thai Name: Pla Krai

Grows to weight/length: 5kg/1m

Stocked at Hookers: to 2kg

The clown featherback or clown knifefish is distinguished by its long, laterally compressed, knife-like body. It is set apart from its larger relative, the giant featherback by a series of 5 or more white-ringed black spots on its back. It can be a difficult fish to catch as a known nocturnal feeder and we have yet to see any of our stocked fish come out, although they are regularly seen topping as they chase small fry in the hyacinth margins.

Given their feeding habits the best time of day to target them is very early morning or at dusk with a light tackle float or ledger rod and a worm, prawn or corn hookbait. Lift bites are common when using a float and we’d suggest an open bail arm if ledgering as they are easily put off by any kind of line resistance.

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CLOWN FEATHERBACK caught at hookers fishing lake pattaya

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