Species: Hemibagrus wyckioides

Thai Name: Pla kot kang

Grows to weight/length: 1.3m+/70kg+

Stocked at Hookers: to 22kg, caught at 27kg+ (est)

The Asian redtail catfish is the largest bagrid catfish in Asia, and while it shares some characteristics of the Amazon version, they are (as the name suggests) different species.  Like the Amazon redtail, the Asian redtail is a consummate scavenger and generally prefers deeper water.  Two pairs of barbels or whiskers on both the upper and lower jaw give this fish its striking appearance and additional care when handling so as not to damage them.

Very few anglers specifically target the Asian redtail at Hookers so we are still learning about their habits and preferred hideouts.  They seem to prefer the deeper parts of the fishing lake and are caught close in less frequently than the Amazon redtails.  Generally, they seem to prefer a smelly deadbait or squid although they will take a pellet, particularly if fished in conjunction with a fishy lam mix feeder.

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ASIAN REDTAIL CATFISH caught at hookers fishing lake pattaya

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