Species: Incisilabeo behri

Thai Name: Pla Wa Na Nor

Grows to weight/length: 7kg+

Stocked at Hookers: 1kg

The Bangana Behri or Incisilabeo Behri is a member of the carp family and is recognised by its odd looking head which has a transverse groove running across its snout. It is a migratory cyprinid found in the upper parts of the Mekong river (also reportedly in the Chao Phraya and Maeklong) and as a herbivore feeds on algae and phytoplankton.

Large specimens are now almost impossible to come by in Thailand and our stocked fish are all 1kg in size. At the time of writing, the fish have only been in the lake a week and yet to be caught but we think that light ledger or float tactics in the margins of the hyacinths with corn, bread or small poly balls would be the place to try and catch one of these rare specimens.

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Bangana Behri or Incisilabeo Behri caught at hookers fishing lake pattaya

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